Une commande de la Cie Instavel, Porto
INTENTIONStone-washed is a choreographic work questioning production material procedures in dance. How written choreographic scores are conceived, how dancers are capable of memorizing dance materiel and to what extend this material alter with time ?
StoneWashed is a work about "manufacture" and on how things divert from their original state. It's a work about mistakes !How mistakes or impossible tasks are worked out everyday in the studio in the choreographic process ? How far we could "push" this process until it produces an aesthetic transformation deviating the task from its original state.In other words, when does an "accident" or "alteration" becomes a productive force ?

Project initiated by Marianne Baillot
With : Marta Lopes, Gonçalo Cruzinha, Robert Skatula et Tim
Assistant : Vera Santos
Coproduction Companhia Instável et Festival Instances / Collaboration SKITe/ Sweet & Tender Collaborations Porto 2008.
Thanks to Antonio Pedro Lopes, Julia Ferreira,
Marcello José et Tilike Coelho.

Capa, Devir, Faro, Portugal
Festival Instances, Chalon-sur-Saône
Manège de Reims, Sweet and Tender Collaborations
Fondation Serralves, Serralves em Festa

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