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"Un désir de partager points de vue, outils de travail et manières de danser a réuni la Coréenne Min Kyoung Lee, la Française Marianne Baillot et la Norvégienne Mia Habib, à partir de procédés d’improvisation et de composition transmis par la chorégraphe américaine Deborah Hay, l’une des figures majeures de la légendaire Judson Church à la fin des années 60 à New York. Réactivité dans l’instant et jeu de correspondances animent ce trio aux aguets." Jean-Marc Adolphe pour le programme de la soirée Fragments d'expérience, Skite/Sweet and Tender Collaborations au Manège de Reims, en septembre 2017
Min Koung Lee's Report :"With MMM, I just love and appreciate the quality of exchange we have. I am very inspired by your approaches and thinking as it is often different and yet very interesting. Also it was at times challenging to try to see what I don't see. But for this reason, I think it is good for our hearts, minds, and souls, as long as if we don't burn ourselves.Porto week was quite stressful, I would say. You were often stressed. The others and I too were not in a highest spirit. I guess this is often our working condition as performing artists, and something to continue working on.I love you is the bottom line. :)I send you some photos of my propaganda karaoke performance."Mia Habib's Report :For me I felt in Porto in the studio what I felt in PAF:I enjoyed extremely much working on tasks and going into a physical langauge and dance. I realize I miss dancing more and that the way we have been working in the studio is bringing me to a place where I feel I grow, where I feel I can bring myself in. A big part for me of this is the way you guided it as well, I realize I trust you and you make me want to go go go, keep on researching and searching. I feel very strong with you in the studio. You have a fascinating combination of patiens and no patiens at all, questioning and analysing through your head, at the same time trusting the body and insisting on the practice itself, this I connect with. I am now writing more about you than Min in this part because I realize that when I think about my strong feelings from the studio in Porto it is connected to you. I believe naturally enough since you leaded it maybe...


Projet initié par : Marianne Baillot

Réalisation et interprétation: Min Koung Lee, Mia Habib, Marianne Baillot


Sweet and Tender Collaborations


Festival Fabrica de Movimentos : Alberto Magno et Gui Garrido

Aide à la Production : Pauline Roussille/ Air Production


Première au Manège de Reims, Fragments d'Expérience, Sweet and Tender Collaborations; Scène Nationale de Chalon sur Saône, Festival Instances 5, Novembre 2007.
Festival da Fabrica, Maus Habitos-Porto-mai 2008

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