Vivarium 2018
Based on the intersections between arts and tech, the event will think about the place of the body and of the intimacy in a time in which the digital, the technology and the artificial intelligences seem to contaminate the human experience. Workshops, performances, concerts, books and dance form an alignment that provokes unusual encounters between humanist culture and cyber culture, questioning our ways of making and enjoying the arts in a digital world.In particular, the national debut of Marco Donnarumma, an essential name of contemporary art media. He has been distinguished by the ability to use emerging technology in the construction of works that are both intimate and powerful, dreamlike and intransigent, sensual and conflicting . In Porto, he will show Corpus Nil, a birth ritual for a modified body, with which he won the Ars Electrónica Center international award. Still in the performative field, there is an unprecedented performance of Jonathan Schatz (dancer and choreographer) and Nicolat Canot (musician), In Vitro, to be developed in a brief artistic residence to take place in Maus Habitos. At the national level, Pedro Oliveira, drummer of peixe : avião presents Krake, his experimental project deep and full of humor, while Ícaro Pintor and Joaquim Pavão present Ifsting Split, a multidisciplinary performance to be seen in family, on Sunday afternoon.In the area of visual arts, it will also be exhibited works by Silvestre Pestana, Miguel Palma, Diogo Tudela and Nerea Castro. In the area of literature, Gonçalo M. Tavares will lead a workshop based on the book “Atlas of Body and Imagination”, and will be one of the invited guests in the talk “Ethical Issues and Open Aesthetics by the Digital Revolution”, which will also feature António Cerveira Pinto, artistic director of The New Art Fest, and with moderation by Marta Bernardes. Saturday night will culminate in a clubbing party.Tickets for the Saturday night of the festival (Marco Donnarumma + Clubbing + live act) will go on sale, for 8 euros, in the pre-sale (limited to 60 tickets). Registration for the Gonçalo M. Tavares workshop will be done separately, through the email, with a limit of 30 seats, and will cost 30 euros. It will even be possible to buy ticket only for the clubbing component of the event. The remaining activities entry of the festival are free. desenvolvido por Bondhabits. Agência de marketing digital e desenvolvimento de websites e desenvolvimento de apps mobile